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Trim By Design Products are Made in the U.S.A. with Foreign and Domestic Parts.

All Trim By Design Products are Packaged with Recycled Materials.


Lead-Free Products

Lead Free Products for 2014

Compliant products are identified with a "C" in the product code after the part number. (Example: TBD501C.26, TBD121C.17)

The Following compliant products are affected by Federal Public Law 111-380:

Water Dispensers

Stops and Risers

Lavatory Supply Kits

Corrugated Supply Kits

Sink Trim Kits

Federal Public Law 111-380


*The term lead-free is defined by Federal Public Law 111-380. It applies to all potable water plumbing products that contain less than 0.25% total lead content by weighted average.

Manufacturer Names Are For Reference Only And Do Not Represent The Product Manufacturer.

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