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Trim By Design Products are Made in the U.S.A. with Foreign and Domestic Parts.

All Trim By Design Products are Packaged with Recycled Materials.


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TBDMKX Assembled

spacerTBDMKX Sure Seal Sink Strainer Mounting System Assembledspacer
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Sure Seal sink strainer mounting system eliminates the slippage and installation issues of large sink strainer locknuts.

Sure Seal mounting nut screws onto 1-1/2 inch coarse threads above slip-joint nut.

3 hex bolts press firmly against the mounting flange to ensure a secure seal to the sink surface.

The Sure Seal sink mounting system is ideal for thin wall stainless steel or copper sinks but may also be used for sinks up to 1-1/8 inch thick.

Available for the TBD155 Wing Nut Locking Kitchen Strainer
and TBD160 Post Type Kitchen Sink Strainer

Compatible Strainers for the Sure Seal Mounting System

spacerCompatible Strainers for the Sure Seal Mounting Systemspacer
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TBD535 Decorative Flexible Supply Line Covers

spacerWithout TBD535 Decorative Supply Line CoverspacerWith TBD535 Decorative Supply Line Coverspacer
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Available In Selected Designer Finishes

Color match stainless steel braided supply lines to compliment your angle stops or faucet trim with the TBD535 flexible supply cover.

The TBD535 flexible supply cover slides easily over 3/8 inch flexible supply lines to add a creative finish to your kitchen or bathroom projects.

The TBD535 flexible supply cover can be used on supply lines up to 24 inches long but can easily be cut to the appropriate length for shorter supply lines.


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